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The 13th Mechatronic Circus

We successfully hosted the 13th Mechatronic Circus on the 13th of April, at Aalto University. This is a traditional event to exhibit students’ projects and study outcomes that are taken from the Mechatronic Exercises and Mechatronic Project courses.

A students project in the Mechatronic Circus
Figure 1. A students project in the Mechatronic Circus

Aligning with these Mechatronic courses, the DigiTally project provides a few workshops on ROS and Git for students and assists the Machine-to-Machine Communication project. Students built the D-Bot and connected it to the industrial crane.

The M2M project exhibition
Figure 2. The M2M project exhibition

We made a short video to introduce this project. You will get more information about what it is and how it works in the following video.

The video link: