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The First ROS Workshop (Basic)

The ROS workshop I was successfully hosted at the Mechatronic Lab, Otaniemi, Espoo, on 7th February 2023. Participants were students majoring in mechatronic engineering at Aalto University. Professor Petri Kuosmanen gave the opening remarks. DigiTally project workers Pejman Habibiroudkenar and Aleksi Pippuri organized the lecture and interactive activities.

Opening session of the First ROS Workshop.
Figure 1. Opening session of the workshop

The workshop includes a brief introduction to ROS, a ROS competition, SLAM (simultaneous localisation and mapping) process and navigation with the created SLAM. The aim is to help students build their understanding of ROS and how to utilize it in practise. Students first get a 40min lecture to gain basic knowledge.

The agenda of the first ROS workshop.
Figure 2. The agenda of the workshop

After that, they were divided into four groups and attended a competition. The goal is to control the pre-setup turtle bot by ROS in the track, and the fastest group wins. To increase the difficulty, one participant cannot talk but communicate by gesture; one participant cannot hear, so they need to transfer the gesture to the last participant by verbal communication; finally, the participant who controls the laptop cannot see but follow the command from the participant who cannot hear. The aim of this competition was to provide a physical replica of how ROS communicates between its nodes.

The ROS competition – sending gestures. The First ROS Workshop.
Figure 3. The ROS competition – sending gestures
The ROS competition – receiving information and controlling the turtlebot by command. The First ROS Workshop.
Figure 4. The ROS competition – receiving information and controlling the turtlebot by command

The ROS workshop II (advanced version) will come on 14th March. During the second workshop, we will go through more profound knowledge of ROS, including Turtlebot setup, odometry check, and coding the RoboGuard. This time, you can code by yourself and control turtlebots for the obstacle course. If you are interested in ROS, you are welcome to join this journey!

The registration link is:

Everyone is warmly welcome!