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The Second ROS Workshop (Advanced)

The ROS Workshop II:

Project workers of DigiTally hosted the second ROS workshop (advanced) in the Mechatronic Lab, Aalto University, on 14th March 2023. This workshop is a prime vision of the first one. Participants get a chance to code, set up the turtlebots step by step and control it through an obstacle course.

Figure 1. Participants are coding under the supervision of the project worker (Pejman Habibiroudkenar)

In addition, the first draft of Turtlebot 3 documentation is ready. We used it as an instruction during the workshop and debugged it with participants together. We will continue approaching the final vision of it and other documentation of the digital garage soon.

Figure 2. Documentation of the turtlebot

For sustainable reasons, we 3D printed the holding pieces and chose cardboard to build the obstacle course. They will be reused in other workshops and building garages.

Figure 3. The project worker (Aleksi Pippuri) is building the obstacle course

Finally, students controlled the turtlebot by their code go through the obstacle course. It tests the participant’s ability and skill to control the robot. There are three challenges alien with this course:

  • one narrow-down area
  • one area with an obstacle in the middle
  • a wavy area that is only 4 cm wider than the turtlebot
Figure 4. Participants are navigating the turtlebot

Feedback from participants:

We collected feedback from the participants attending the two ROS workshops. 80% of participants rate the workshop as very satisfying and logical, and the content is relevant to their studies or daily work.

What is coming:

Are you interested in Git? Do you need it in your study or work? The next workshop will help you understand what Git is and how to use it in your study project or daily work. Register for yourself before the position is fully filled.

The registration link is:

Figure 5. An announcement of the Git workshop